Product Manager

Whether you’re fresh out of college or with several years of experience already under your belt, you’ll fit in perfectly here at Oracle NetSuite.

Communication is key in your line of work. You spend time delving into the ins-and-outs of the product, getting to know the customer's requirements from the bottom up, and translating these into an actionable roadmap for the team and stakeholders. But in any communication channel, interference can occur and key facts can be lost in the process.

Here at Oracle NetSuite, we truly care about the product. All of us, without exception. Engineers, designers, tech writers. Here our teams want to know about the bigger picture, the business value, and the impact that their work has for customers. And with over 16,000 customers in different industries, you'll have plenty to tell them!

Being a Product Manager at Oracle NetSuite means:

  • Being curious about technology and bridging the gap between technology and business.
  • Seeing authentic scrum methodology in action – everyone, from engineers and designers to tech writers participate in the process.
  • Being the ultimate "customer" fan – talking to them, visiting them, understanding, breathing them!
  • Never knowing where the next great idea will come from – feedback and questions flow in all directions.
  • Sharing your knowledge and vision with business stakeholders and the team as the product's SME.
  • Never being alone in your decisions – there's a strong synergy between PM and engineering; our tech leads will be ying to your yang.
  • Getting to talk to and collaborate with everyone, stakeholders, customers, developers, designers... There's so many people to meet!
  • Scaling professionally, whatever that means to you, whether it's vertically or horizontally – you choose.

Ask Our Team

  • It’s like working in a big international family. The environment is very friendly, and from the first day, you feel yourself a part of the team where everyone supports each other. When you feel that support all the time, it helps you to get better and better, set up challenging personal goals, and cope with the tasks you’ve never thought you could fulfill.

    Vika , Senior Product Manager
  • I was very interested in working for a company that is up-to-speed with today’s market needs and being involved in the development of cloud-based solutions. The professional challenges I have encountered so far and the factual application of my knowledge has led me to set higher goals and objectives. Oracle NetSuite has an excellent reputation in its sector and is a very attractive place to work.

    Nikolas, Senior Product Manager
  • At Oracle Netsuite, I found a unique opportunity of being part of a great top tech product team that actually cares about customers without compromising on quality. Here we have a clear vision and a plan to make it happen, but more importantly, you can feel the commitment of everyone to achieve the main goal, customer satisfaction. You feel supported to grow and improve, your ideas are actually being heard and you feel you can have an impact while doing what you like.

    Carlos , Senior Product Manager
  • I enjoy working together with the development team. Sitting with them allows me to better communicate customer requirements, make sure they’re understood, and being confident that we will deliver the desired product.

    Victor, Product Manager

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