UX Designer

Whether you’re fresh out of college or with several years of experience already under your belt, you’ll fit in perfectly here at Oracle Netsuite.

Humans by nature love a good story. And that’s what good design is about, reading and writing the story about the key character in our narrative – the customer. Understanding what they need, why they need it, and what adds value to them. Seeing the world through their eyes, what they perceive, and how they respond. You want to make a difference. Whether you’ve got to pull the thread to get down to the hard facts or to wind it up to see the spool, you strive to make things better for them, seamless, natural.

At Oracle NetSuite, your impact is desired and rewarded. We believe in the power of design to make everything intentional. We proudly put it into practice by bringing different roles, design approaches, and disciplines into the same room to render the intent.

Being a Designer at Oracle NetSuite means:

  • Seeing and understanding the bigger picture, identifying key challenges for customers and the organization.
  • Being customer centric, caring about the impact your work can potentially have on others.
  • Tracing the entire story line to make the user journey seamless and the product ecosystem valuable.
  • Having a seat at the decision table, empowered to have your say in how the product and the organization can and should evolve.
  • Never being alone; our design team synergy means we bounce ideas off each other continuously so that powerful ideas emerge.
  • Investing time in yourself, in your career evolution, expanding your knowledge by attending conferences, workshops and training.
  • Scaling professionally, whatever that means to you, whether it’s vertically or horizontally – you choose.

Ask Our Team

  • I was attracted to NetSuite as a product due its 360° business approach, in an online environment. It poses huge UX challenges, which represent lots of opportunities for me as a UX designer.

    Marc, UX Designer
  • Oracle NetSuite is a worldwide company with a great culture and environment—something that is really difficult to find in Barcelona. We focus on quality, not quantity. Processes and methodologies are important for us. The design community is great, with more than 60 UX designers around the world.

    Melisa, UX Designer
  • I joined Oracle NetSuite because I was looking for new challenges as a UX, and for a product that I’d never worked with before. I wanted to be able to combine technology and sociology, so the localization-related position and all the interesting challenges it presents is the perfect fit.

    Carlos, UX Designer
  • I was looking for a company to grow my career as a UX Designer and when I saw an opportunity at Netsuite, I knew it was the place to be. Not only because of its powerful products and solutions, but also for the amazing team that works behind them.

    Sandra, UX Designer

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