Global scale with local attitude

Oracle NetSuite is a global business unit within Oracle. We benefit from Oracle's technology infrastructure, knowledge, and global reach, yet have our own unique mindset and culture.

You just need to take a step into the office and see it for yourself. Our culture is reflected by our environment and the people who work here. There's a tangible buzz that you'll instantly pick up. People want to be here and are passionate about what they do. What's more, they infuse others with that energy, sharing their knowledge in tech training sessions, design critiques, and informal lunch & learns.

Our Culture = Environment + People + Energy

  • Together­ness We believe in team work — team work that often spans continents. We work in a distributed model, across multiple locations, but we never underestimate the value of co-located individuals creating perfect conditions for hyper-productivity. There’s nothing better than a face-to-face interaction and a live white-boarding session. We maximize the amount of time we are in the office together. We do that through alignment of working hours, regular in-person workshops and we only work from home when necessary.
  • Good Citizens We take care of our office space. We are responsible and don’t expect others to clean up our own mess. We all chip in and make the office a clean, fun and enjoyable environment. We show up when a team mate makes an effort and prepares a presentation for us. Nobody is too good to pick up the empty pizza boxes after a Lunch & Learn.
  • SharingWe believe that our knowledge is everyone’s knowledge, our passion can be everyone’s passion - we not only learn, but we help others learn. We have a constant urge to spread our expertise through Technical Review Sessions, Tech Pills, Design Critiques, Train the Trainer On boarding, Lunch & Learns and others. We show appreciation for the efforts of those who drive & contribute to these initiatives. We are not only comfortable asking for help or advice, we are comfortable proactively offering it. We embrace our global organisation and want to be an example for other parts of the company.
  • CandorWe create an environment that is open, safe and welcoming to new ideas. Through unwavering respect for each other we are comfortable criticizing our ideas. We recognise when we fail and encourage growth through making mistakes. We are strong believers in the philosophy of Continuous Improvement. We are transparent even in challenging times and we trust each other.
  • One Language We have more than 25 nationalities in the office and the only language we have in common is English. We use English as our only language for all communication in the office.
  • PrideWe are proud of the work we do and foster true feeling of ownership and responsibility for everything we do. We set high standards for our work and are a customer advocates. We are self-organising and are empowered to conceive, design, build and deliver great products we believe in. When we see something we don't like, we don't fret but develop ideas to improve our organisation and product. We celebrate our successes, both on a professional and personal level.
  • FunWe work as a team and we have fun as a team. We bond through extracurricular activities and encourage team building outings and get-togethers that make us look forward to Monday mornings. We use gamification to make our processes agile and fun. We encourage sharing our personal milestones and achievements like birthdays, family additions, etc. We work in casual manner, from our interactions to our attire.

Enrich people's lives

We build business software most days of the week. But you can also dedicate part of your workday to enriching other people's lives. We take our social responsibility seriously, which is why we use our resources to increase opportunity, protect the environment, advance education, and enrich community life. In the past, we have run workshops to promote STEM activities among girls, have hosted Women in Tech events, and have run hackathons to reach out to the tech community at large. You may even see us out and about doing volunteering for initiatives such as the Banc dels Aliments, animal shelters, community gardens, and more.

Globally diverse

Our office is a true melting pot of cultures and languages. 33 nationalities are represented in our offices, and the number is still growing. Our common language that we use for communication is English, but we also speak 23 other languages. What's more, we want you to feel comfortable expressing yourself, so we'll help you out with language classes, whether it's Spanish or English. Hablas nuestro idioma?

Small team, big impact

Being part of the Oracle NetSuite office will introduce you to a whole new world of building serious business applications, but in a fun and friendly atmosphere. But more than that, you can reach beyond our walls and reap all the benefits of being part of a global organization at the forefront of technology: job stability, career development, travel, learning opportunities, and much more. 

Our differences make us stronger

Come as you are – Oracle embraces diversity. We thrive on the varied life experiences and backgrounds of amazing people like you. We believe we can get more done and build better software solutions when everyone in the organization has a say. We actively celebrate and support our employees through initiatives such as OPEN (Oracle Pride Employee Network) for people interested in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues, and OWL-WIN (Oracle Women's Leadership), which seeks to offer women the opportunity to enhance skills and develop leadership potential.

Come Grow With Us

At Oracle, we’re committed to creating experiences that connect, empower, and delight our users. We're currently growing the team in a variety of roles. Follow the links for more details.

We solve serious challenges but we’re far from serious. Sounds like you?

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