Software Engineer

Whether you’re fresh out of college or with several years of experience already under your belt, you’ll fit in perfectly here at Oracle NetSuite.

It’s all about the code. Pushing yourself to write better code, code that performs and scales as customers and the industry change.

Here at Oracle Netsuite, every line of code has to run for thousands of customers in multiple industries, so good isn't enough. That’s why we love bringing developers into a room together so they can discuss the code and its scalability, and think outside the box to make it even more performant and cleaner. But that doesn’t mean constantly having to work around old code. Refactoring is key for us. That mindset goes beyond just the code, we want you to learn and evolve too. Technical review sessions are our daily submit. We like testing the limits and finding new ways or approaches. Only through teamwork can we achieve that.

Roles available for both front-end and back-end focused engineers ranging, from juniors to leaders.

Being a Software Engineer at Oracle NetSuite

  • Tackling challenging problems to help more than 18,000 companies such as Spotify, Groupon, etc. with a multitenancy cloud application.
  • Seeing true scrum methodology in action – every member of the team participates in achieving the goal here.
  • Being proud of your work, taking the initiative to find new and better ways to solve a problem.
  • Developing clean and testable code with neat stack like Java 8, Kotlin, Kafka, and ElasticSearch, among others.
  • Pulling together as a team to help each other out; we regularly program in pairs – our synergy means we get things done fast and effectively.
  • Investigating new technologies, sharing your knowledge with others in regular technical review sessions.
  • Getting regular feedback to improve your code with code reviews, exploratory testing, and mentoring.
  • Scaling professionally, whatever that means to you, whether it's vertically or horizontally – you choose.

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