Technical Writer

Whether you’re fresh out of college or with several years of experience already under your belt, you’ll fit in perfectly here at Oracle Netsuite.

Intuitively you seek order, structure, and hierarchy in complex processes. You refuse to believe that there are things that can't be explained. Making complicated solutions seem easy inspires you. You want others to understand things just like you do and to learn.

Here at Oracle NetSuite, doc isn't an after-thought; it's part of the process. You'll be involved in development from the start, watching the features as they evolve and take shape. Only by doing this can you translate its complexities into plain language that others can understand.

Being a Tech Writer at Oracle NetSuite

  • Being constantly curious about technology and the world around you, actively seeking out others who can help you understand.
  • Seeing authentic scrum methodology in action – everyone participates in achieving the goal here; tech writers are no exception!
  • Enhancing the user experience through carefully worded UI texts and help doc.
  • Being proud of your work, taking the initiative to find new and better ways to make users understand the complexity effectively.
  • Working on cool side projects like video production, conceptual graphics, style and others: we've dedicated teams to do those tasks!
  • Never being alone; our team synergy means we pull together to get things done fast and effectively.
  • Getting regular feedback from others, whether it's your PM, UX designers, or fellow tech writers.
  • Scaling professionally, whatever that means to you, whether it's vertically or horizontally – you choose.

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